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With its unique beauty and history, the emeralds extracted from the Muzo mine have become a precious stone brand – the MUZO brand.
Their reputation as the most beautiful emeralds in the world, a product of national pride for Colombia, is undeniable. This metamorphosis began in 2009 when the new Muzo Group entered the Colombian market to provide mining services to the Muzo mines.
In 2014 the company garnered
full ownership of the mine, a move that has changed the face of emerald mining in Colombia and the world. MUZO emeralds, with their unique characteristics, offer mine-to-market traceability. The Muzo Companies presently manage all the stages of its product from mining to cutting to distributing, respecting nature and labor. To reaffirm the historical supremacy of its stones, The Muzo Companies have founded their philosophy on the alliance of authenticity and intense creativity. A way of reminding that its majestic beauty was at the source of inspiration that makes for the history of jewellery’s most beautiful pieces; a muse at the summit of its fascinating destiny.